Skyblock Pack

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1.8.9 v11F16x v11O16x v11F32x v11O32x
1.12.2 v11F16x v11O16x v11F32x v11O32x
1.13 v11F16x v11O16x v11F32x v11O32x
V11 Changelog:
Note: Not everything works in 1.13+
- Added Collection, Skill, Ender Chest, Crafting Table
- Added Fast Travel and Travel Scrolls
- Added Slayer Menu (oVinter)
- Added Minion GUI (ItsJustSomeDude)
- Fixed Size Issue With Trades & Quest Logs.
- Added a Hopper Gui.
Models (Timy):
- Pets V2
- Snow Cannon
- Frost Blaster
- Pet Upgrades
- Carrot Candies
- Pet Drops & Cores
- Reshaped Tarantula Armor
- Does not include GUI elements
- Does not include default assests
- Does not include SBA bars
- Does not include CTM